Social Media Marketing

Mapzitech offers you cost-effective social media optimization services that enable your site to cater to a wider range of potential customers. With our expert SMO solutions, you will gradually improve your client base, broaden your target market, enhance brand awareness, and improve conversions.

SMO is the methodology in which specific techniques optimize a website in such a way that it gets visibility on different social media platforms. These include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, bookmarking sites, and blogging sites etc. The purpose is to make the users share your website on social media to get more traffic without any direct effort by you.

Methods Used for Social Media Optimization

  • We Add Social Widgets – Social widgets and social badges are there to help your user share the site on social networks without any inconvenience.
  • We Initiate Social Sign-ins – We suggest our clients to have social sign-in option for the customer whenever they log in to your website. This brings in more footprints and thereby more business for your company.
  • We Create Stories on Social Media – Social stories are considered as votes by search engines. We always advise our customers to interact more frequently on social media to come with new stories. And your users will get more content to share.
  • We Install Social Sharing Buttons – Sometimes a user is unable to share content because of lack of the sharing button. At Mapzitech we install these buttons at a suitable place where it is easy to find thereby causing more shares of your content.
  • We Create Interesting Content – Content is the king in the online world. Social media optimization works the best if your website has meaningful and useful content updated regularly. We help you create that with the help of our in-house content writers helping you create fresh content that is optimized properly for search engines.

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