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How to Check Performance of a Digital Marketing Campaign

With more and more people using digital marketing strategies for their daily operations it has become very to actually measure the success if these campaigns. If the campaigns are not evaluated then most of your advertising can go to waste and you might never realize it. By using certain parameters we can measure the success and understand where the campaign is lacking. When you accumulate this knowledge you can use it attention to the factors where you should. Here are a few parameters which you can use to measure your digital marketing campaign. Its a step by step process.

1. Set your digital marketing goals

First and foremost step is to create a blueprint of what exactly you expect from your campaign. The goals you set should be realistic with enough time and resources allotted to the campaign. Evaluate those goals to check if they are possible or not. The goals can be different for every campaign depending on what you’re actually trying to achieve.

2. Examine the audience you’ve reached

The audience is the most important part if the campaign as all this is being done to attract and engage them. So you need to keep a track of the type of audience you are reaching out to because if your audience is not actively taking part in your activities then you need to get better audience. The audience should be sharing your content if you want to reach out to a larger audience.

3. Evaluate your Digital presence

From time to time you must analyze your digital presence to understand if you are on the right track to achieve the desired goal of the campaign. By evaluating the presence on the internet you’ll realize if you’re missing out on
some major platform where you can target potential customers.

4. Use a Good Analytics Platform

Monitoring and measuring the metrics should be done with a good platform so that you can get exactly the information you want. There are some really good platforms you can choose from like Google analytics, HubSpot, Moz and many more. Choose the one most appropriate for your website.

5. Make the improvements instantly

While analyzing if you come across any problems or any field where you are lacking then the adjustments in those fields should be done instantly. We never know how much audience we might miss out on because of that problem. Slow improvement on regular intervals will help you create the perfect campaign.

Everyone needs to realize that every organisation needs a different campaign and must customize the campaign according to the needs. Choose the most appropriate steps to get the best results.

Content Marketing Courses
Latest Content Marketing Methods

Content is the present and the future of internet. Content is not just the written matter but all sorts of things through which information is delivered to the user. Marketing the Content is equally important as creative good quality content. Everyone on the internet is searching for content and as a creator You’ve to make sure that its your content that reaches them first. There are many types of content marketing strategies and you must choose the best one suitable for your content. With time new strategies are being created and used everyday. So if you want to
stay in the competition then you must be aware of the latest marketing strategies. The latest and most effective content marketing strategies are listed down.

1. Videos

According to Forrester Research, a 1 minute video is worth 1.8 billion words. That’s because a video is very eye pleasing to watch and consumes much lesser time compared to written content. Other studies reveal that 45% of internet users spend more than 1 hour watching videos in youtube and facebook. So it is clear that with video you can reach out to vast audience with much less effort and time.

2. Social Media

Social marketing is the single biggest platform on the internet being used by so many people from all around the world. There are multiple ways through which you can promote your content on social media like sponsoring the content or shoutouts from other pages. If you produce good quality content then people will share your content and that is the quickest way to get popular.

3. Podcasts and eBooks

People nowadays spend so much time in their daily commute between work and home. If you are good enough to convey your content through voice only, then this is the perfect method to create and market your content as people can’t look at a screen or don’t want to when they can enjoy through their ears only. There are many platforms where you can publish your eBooks and podcasts or create your own platform. Just keep the duration between 20-40 minutes to keep the listener entertained and attentive.

4. Conduct Webinars

With the introduction of platforms like GoToMeeting, Skype, Google Hangouts, you can conduct your own webinars to target your target audience. Most people don’t want to go out to attend seminars. So this is the best way to conduct a virtual seminar where everyone from your audience can participate at the same time. Try to make your Webinars as interactive as possible.

5. Guest Blogging

With just blogging on your website getting old school and ineffective the new thing is Guest blogging. It is a fundamental technique to build quality back links for your business. It helps you to expand your audience and bring in more and more traffic on your website. You should connect with other websites and post content on those websites to get more audience. Through this method more and more people will come across your content.

Choosing the most appropriate method for marketing your content is very important so choose wisely.