domain name

How to Choose an Impactful Domain Name

The domain name you choose for your company plays a vital role in deciding its success. Domain name is just like your company name on the internet. Apart from being your company’s identity, the domain name also helps in better search engine optimization and other vital marketing aspects of the online world.

Some companies choose to keep their company name as the domain name but the domain name has the potential to have a powerful SEO impact. This means it affects your presence in the online world and thus you need to be very careful in choosing just the right kind of domain that can add to your business profits directly.

Basics of Choosing Domain Name

There are a few basic things you need to take into consideration while choosing your domain name. First of all, it should be easy to type and of common words that customers might type while looking for your site. Make use of your keywords so that you can attract target audience with your domain name only. Keep the domain short and do not use any hyphens or numbers. A simple and short domain name is easy to remember and therefore your customers are more likely to come back to your site more frequently.

How Google Works

It is a technical discussion and requires a lot of time and space to understand how search engines like Google work. However, regarding domain name it is important to keep in mind that Google crawlers scan your website and then index data. While doing so, crawlers take into account keywords, how updated the site is, usefulness of the content, and key signals. With the right kind of domain name, it becomes easy for Google to recognize your keywords and target customers.

Using Right Keywords for Domain Name

It is considered best to have relevant keyword as your domain name; a keyword that may bring visitors directly to your site whenever they search for service/product that you deal in. Sometimes owners buy multiple domain names just to cover a larger base of their niche business. You can use either a single keyword or go for a phrase.

Domain Name Creates Your Brand

Domain name gives you the identity on the Internet. You have to choose a name that helps your business be easily discoverable but you need to stick to your identity as well. Your domain name should make relevance to the people. A domain should get you more clicks and visitors but it should also create a trust-based relationship with your customers.

Don’t Be Generic; Don’t Be Specific

Yes, the key to choosing the most appropriate domain name is to find a balance between being specific and generic. By being generic your domain name becomes too common and there are chances that it will be very similar to your competitors. By being very specific you miss the opportunity of customers searching for your company with a general keyword. So the domain name has to have a balance between generic and specific. Going on either extreme can cause major loss to your business. You will have to do research to find the trending keywords customers are looking for and then you can come up with a nice, creative, and easy to remember domain name.

Lastly, always remember that domain name is not only the responsibility of your IT team. It is something that is going to affect your business, your sales, your traffic footprints, your bounce rate, and your presence on the Internet. Thus, everyone onboard your company is going to be affected by the consequences of the domain name. So it is the accountability of everyone working for the company.